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Rezension des „Corpus Oral de Referencia de la Lengua Española Contempóranea“

CORLEC, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (ed.), 1992. (Last Accessed: 30.04.2018). Reviewed by Katrin Betz (Universität Bamberg), katrin.betz (at) || Abstract In this paper we review the „Corpus Oral de Referencia de la Lengua Española Contempóranea“. This corpus is

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“La Repubblica” Corpus

“La Repubblica” Corpus, Marco Baroni, Silvia Bernardini, Sara Castagnoli, Federica Comastri, Lorenzo Piccioni, Alessandra Volpi, Guy Aston, Marco Mazzoleni, Eros Zanchetta (ed.), 2004ff.. (Last Accessed: 01.08.2017). Reviewed by Rebecca Sierig (University of Leipzig), rebecca.sierig (at) || Abstract This

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Literary drafts, genetic criticism and computational technology. The Beckett Digital Manuscript Project

Beckett, Samuel. Stirrings Still / Soubresauts and Comment dire / what is the word: a digital genetic edition (2011), | L’Innommable / The Unnamable: a digital genetic edition (2013) | Krapp’s Last Tape / La Dernière Bande: a digital genetic

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Paul Klee – Bildnerische Form- und Gestaltungslehre

Paul Klee – Bildnerische Form- und Gestaltungslehre, Fabienne Eggelhöfer; Marianne Keller Tschirren (ed.), 2012. (Last Accessed: 04.03.2016). Reviewed by Martina Scholger (Centre for Information Modelling – Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities, University of Graz). martina.scholger (at) || Abstract

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The Fleischmann Diaries

The Fleischmann Diaries, Roísín O’Brien (ed.), 2012. (Last Accessed: 28.11.2014). Reviewed by Merisa A. Martinez (University of Borås). Merisa.Martinez (at) || Abstract This is a review of the Fleischmann Diaries Online Archive, a digitisation project including a transcription

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Published: Sep 2017