Songs of the Victorians, Joanna Swafford (ed.), 2013–2020. (Last Accessed: 14.09.2020). Reviewed by Eva Moreda Rodriguez (University of Glasgow), || Abstract The present review occupies itself with the project Songs of the Victorians, developed by Joanna Swafford, which …

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Review of the Busoni Digital Edition, by Teodor Costea

Ferruccio Busoni – Briefe und Schriften, Ullrich Scheidler and Christian Schaper (ed.), 2016-2018. (Last Accessed: 06.02.2020). Reviewed by Theodor Costea (Independent scholar), || Abstract Ferruccio Busoni – Briefe und Schriften is a digital scholarly edition of letters and …

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Die offene Editionswerkstatt: Carl Maria von Webers Briefe in der digitalen WeGA, by Torsten Roeder

Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Gesamtausgabe. Digitale Edition: Briefe, Joachim Veit und Peter Stadler (ed.), 2011. (Last Accessed: 02.06.2020). Reviewed by Torsten Roeder (Leopoldina), || Abstract This review focuses on the digital edition of correspondence by the German composer Carl Maria von Weber …

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Mozart Briefe und Dokumente — Online-Edition, Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg und Packard Humanities Institute (ed.), 2006. (Last Accessed: 07.05.2018). Reviewed by Maja Hartwig (Independent Scholar), || Abstract The Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation in cooperation with the Packard Humanities Institute, Los …

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The Fleischmann Diaries, by Merisa A. Martinez

The Fleischmann Diaries, Roísín O’Brien (ed.), 2012. (Last Accessed: 28.11.2014). Reviewed by Merisa A. Martinez (University of Borås). Merisa.Martinez (at) || Abstract This is a review of the Fleischmann Diaries Online Archive, a digitisation project including a transcription …

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