The Diary of William Godwin, by Richard Hadden

William Godwin’s Diary, Victoria Myers, David O’Shaughnessy, and Mark Philp (ed.), 2010. (Last Accessed: 21.02.2015). Reviewed by Richard Hadden (Maynooth University). richard.hadden (at) || Abstract William Godwin’s diary presents a range of difficulties to both researchers and editors. …

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The Fleischmann Diaries, by Merisa A. Martinez

The Fleischmann Diaries, Roísín O’Brien (ed.), 2012. (Last Accessed: 28.11.2014). Reviewed by Merisa A. Martinez (University of Borås). Merisa.Martinez (at) || Abstract This is a review of the Fleischmann Diaries Online Archive, a digitisation project including a transcription …

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16<sup>th</sup> Century Chronicle to 21<sup>st</sup> Century Edition: A Review of The Diary of Henry Machyn, by Misha Broughton

A London Provisioner’s Chronicle, 1550–1563, by Henry Machyn: Manuscript, Transcription, and Modernization, Richard Bailey, Marilyn Miller, Colette Moore (ed.), 2006. (Last Accessed: 24.11.2014). Reviewed by Misha Broughton (Cologne Center for the eHumanities). wbrought (at) || Abstract This paper …

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