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Review of Mark Twain’s Letters, 1853–1880 of the Mark Twain Project Online

Mark Twain’s Letters, 1853–1880, Edgar Marquess Branch, Michael B. Frank, Kenneth M. Sanderson, Harriet Elinor Smith, Richard Bucci, Victor Fischer, Lin Salamo, Sharon K. Goetz (ed.), 1988-2010.;rmode=landing_letters;style=mtp (Last Accessed: 12.01.2018). Reviewed by Elise Hanrahan (Freie Universität Berlin), ||

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Hugo von Montfort: Das poetische Werk

Hugo von Montfort: Das poetische Werk, Wernfried Hofmeister (ed.), 2011-2015. (Last Accessed: 17.02.2016). Reviewed by Torsten Schaßan (Herzog August Bibliothek). schassan (at) || Abstract Hugo von Montfort – The poetic work calls itself a hybrid edition. In fact

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Published: Sep 2017