edition humboldt digital, Ottmar Ette (ed.), 2016. https://edition-humboldt.de/?&l=en (Last Accessed: 05.06.2019). Reviewed by Maria Benauer (University of Vienna), a01217310@unet.univie.ac.at. || Abstract The edition humboldt digital is a publication of the project ‘Travelling Humboldt’ by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and …

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Mark Twain’s Letters, 1853–1880, Edgar Marquess Branch, Michael B. Frank, Kenneth M. Sanderson, Harriet Elinor Smith, Richard Bucci, Victor Fischer, Lin Salamo, Sharon K. Goetz (ed.), 1988-2010. http://www.marktwainproject.org/xtf/search?category=letters;rmode=landing_letters;style=mtp (Last Accessed: 12.01.2018). Reviewed by Elise Hanrahan (Freie Universität Berlin), hanrahan.elise@gmail.com. || …

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Hugo von Montfort: Das poetische Werk, by Torsten Schaßan

Hugo von Montfort: Das poetische Werk, Wernfried Hofmeister (ed.), 2011-2015. http://www-gewi.uni-graz.at/montfort-edition/ (Last Accessed: 17.02.2016). Reviewed by Torsten Schaßan (Herzog August Bibliothek). schassan (at) hab.de || Abstract Hugo von Montfort – The poetic work calls itself a hybrid edition. In fact …

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