Call for Reviews

RIDE is constantly calling for reviews on

and related digital resources.

We are particularly interested in reviews of some projects (see Suggested Projects for Review). Please contact the managing editors if you would like to volunteer to review a project from the list or of your own choosing and include the project, your name and the institution you work for, as well as information regarding your qualification in the email. Please also check page with Projects Currently under Review for projects that have already been assigned reviewers.

Publications will be licensed under CC-BY. RIDE does not charge submission, processing or publication fees of any sort.

Special Issues

Currently (since April 2022), an issue with reviews of digital editions, in which the FAIR principles in particular are taken into account, is being planned. For more information see the Call for Reviews in German and English.

Another special issue (since October 2023) is currently active on Crowd Sourced Scholarly Editions, see the Call for Reviews in German and the Suggested Projects for Review. Contributions are welcome.