P. S. Post Scriptum, CLUL (ed.), 2014. http://ps.clul.ul.pt (Last Accessed: 22.01.2019). Reviewed by Ulrike Henny-Krahmer (Universität Würzburg), ulrike.henny (at) uni-wuerzburg.de. || Abstract The project P. S. Post Scriptum (2012–2017) was aimed at the collection, edition, and analysis of Spanish and Portuguese private …

Bridging edition and corpus: a review of P. S. Post Scriptum: A Digital Archive of Ordinary Writing (Early Modern Portugal and Spain) Read more »

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CORLEC, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (ed.), 1992. http://www.lllf.uam.es/ESP/Corlec.html (Last Accessed: 30.04.2018). Reviewed by Katrin Betz (Universität Bamberg), katrin.betz (at) uni-bamberg.de. || Abstract In this paper we review the „Corpus Oral de Referencia de la Lengua Española Contempóranea“. This corpus is …

Rezension des „Corpus Oral de Referencia de la Lengua Española Contempóranea“ Read more »

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Corpus of Spanish Golden-Age Sonnets, Borja Navarro Colorado, María Ribes Lafoz and Noelia Sánchez (ed.), 2015. https://github.com/bncolorado/CorpusSonetosSigloDeOro (Last Accessed: 01.05.2017). Reviewed by José Calvo Tello (University of Würzburg), jose.calvo (at) morethanbooks.eu. || Abstract In this paper a TEI corpus with …

Corpus of Spanish Golden-Age Sonnets Read more »

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Lope de Vega’s La Dama Boba, by Antonio Rojas Castro

La dama boba: edición crítica y archivo digital, Marco Presotto, Sònia Boadas, Eugenio Maggi, Aurèlia Pessarrodona (ed.), 2015. http://doi.org/10.6092/UNIBO/LADAMABOBA (Last Accessed: 04.11.2016). Reviewed by Antonio Rojas Castro (Cologne Center for eHumanities), rojas.castro.antonio (at) gmail.com. || Abstract La dama boba: edición …

Lope de Vega’s La Dama Boba. Critical edition and digital archive Read more »

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Cervantes and the Golden Age Theatre: First Attempts Towards a Digital Scholarly Editorial Model, by Susanna Allés Torrent

La entretenida by Miguel de Cervantes: A Digital, Annotated Edition and an English Translation (The Diversion), John O’Neill (ed.), 2013. http://entretenida.outofthewings.org/index.html (Last Accessed: 11.05.2016). Reviewed by Susanna Allés Torrent (University of Miami). susanna_alles (at) miami.edu || Abstract For the first …

Cervantes and the Golden Age Theatre: First Attempts Towards a Digital Scholarly Editorial Model Read more »

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