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EDITORIAL: Digital Text Collections – Take Two, Action!

1Welcome to the second issue of RIDE Digital Text Collections (DTC), which is published as Issue 8 in the RIDE series. We have been working on this issue since last summer. After the initial major interest in reviewing DTCs which

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Rezension der Deutschsprachigen Wikisource

Wikisource (deutsch), Wikimedia Foundation (ed.), 2003-2018. (Last Accessed: 13.02.2018). Reviewed by Susanne Haaf (Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities), || Abstract The German Wikisource project evolved from a multilingual Wikimedia venture for the digitization of historical text sources.

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Anemoskala: corpus and concordances for major Modern Greek poets

Anemoskala. Corpus and concordances for major Modern Greek poets, Centre for the Greek language (ed.), 2017. (Last Accessed: 15.11.2017). Reviewed by Anna-Maria Sichani (University of Ioannina (Greece) – King’s Digital Lab), amsichani (at) || Abstract This paper reviews

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Litteraturbanken: the Swedish Literature Bank

Litteraturbanken, Mats Malm, Cai Alfredson, Dick Claésson, Paulina Helgesson, Anja Hellström, Carl-Johan Lind, Ellen Mattson, Ljubica Miočević, Therese Röök, Ilaria Tedde (ed.), 2004ff.. (Last Accessed: 27.07.2017). Reviewed by Mats Dahlström (University of Borås), mats.dahlstrom (at) and Wout Dillen

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EDITORIAL: Reviewing Digital Text Collections

By Ulrike Henny-Krahmer (Universität Würzburg), ulrike.henny (at) and Frederike Neuber (University of Cologne), neuber (at) || 1We are pleased to present the sixth issue of the Review Journal for Digital Editions and Resources (RIDE), published by the IDE

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Women Writers in Review

Women Writers in Review, Julia Flanders, Syd Bauman, Ashley Clark, Sarah Connell (ed.), 2016. (Last Accessed: 19.07.2017). Reviewed by Amanda Gagel (Mark Twain Project, UC-Berkeley), mandygagel (at) || Abstract Women Writers in Review is the latest text corpus

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Varitext und das Corpus des variétés nationales du français

Varitext, Sascha Diwersy, Peter Blumenthal, Salah Mejri (ed.), 2013. (Last Accessed: 15.08.2017). Reviewed by Julia Burkhardt (University of Leipzig), jburk (at) || Abstract This review discusses the web-based platform Varitext that up to now provides free-of-charge access to

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“La Repubblica” Corpus

“La Repubblica” Corpus, Marco Baroni, Silvia Bernardini, Sara Castagnoli, Federica Comastri, Lorenzo Piccioni, Alessandra Volpi, Guy Aston, Marco Mazzoleni, Eros Zanchetta (ed.), 2004ff.. (Last Accessed: 01.08.2017). Reviewed by Rebecca Sierig (University of Leipzig), rebecca.sierig (at) || Abstract This

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Corpus of Spanish Golden-Age Sonnets

Corpus of Spanish Golden-Age Sonnets, Borja Navarro Colorado, María Ribes Lafoz and Noelia Sánchez (ed.), 2015. (Last Accessed: 01.05.2017). Reviewed by José Calvo Tello (University of Würzburg), jose.calvo (at) || Abstract In this paper a TEI corpus with

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CELT – Corpus of Electronic texts

CELT – Corpus of Electronic texts, Hiram Morgan (ed.), 1997. (Last Accessed: 31.05.2017). Reviewed by Turlough O’Riordan (Royal Irish Academy), t.oriordan (at) || Abstract This review addresses the ‘CELT – Corpus of Electronic texts’ archive, developed and housed

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Published: Sep 2017