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Hugo von Montfort: Das poetische Werk

Hugo von Montfort: Das poetische Werk, Wernfried Hofmeister (ed.), 2011-2015. (Last Accessed: 17.02.2016). Reviewed by Torsten Schaßan (Herzog August Bibliothek). schassan (at) || Abstract Hugo von Montfort – The poetic work calls itself a hybrid edition. In fact

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Rethinking the publication of premodern sources: Petrus Plaoul on the Sentences

Petrus Plaoul. Commentarius in libros Sententiarum: Editiones electronicas, Jeffrey C. Witt (ed.), 2011ff.. (Last Accessed: 03.02.2015). Reviewed by Andrew Dunning (Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto). andrew.dunning (at) || Abstract Jeffrey Witt’s edition of the lectures on

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Published: Sep 2017