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Review of “ShakespearePlaysPlus Text Corpus”

Shakespeare Corpus: ShakespearePlaysPlus, Mike Scott (ed.), 2006. (Last Accessed: 03.07.2018). Reviewed by Katharina Mahler (CCeH, University of Cologne), english.textworks (at) || Abstract ShakespearePlaysPlus is a freely available digital text corpus of William Shakespeare’s plays. The 37 plays were

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Varitext und das Corpus des variétés nationales du français

Varitext, Sascha Diwersy, Peter Blumenthal, Salah Mejri (ed.), 2013. (Last Accessed: 15.08.2017). Reviewed by Julia Burkhardt (University of Leipzig), jburk (at) || Abstract This review discusses the web-based platform Varitext that up to now provides free-of-charge access to

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Published: Sep 2017