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EDITORIAL: Digital Text Collections, the third

1We are happy to present the third volume on the topic of Digital Text Collections (DTC) which is also the ninth volume in the entire RIDE series. With this issue, we publish the last reviews that we received as a

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EDITORIAL: Digital Text Collections – Take Two, Action!

1Welcome to the second issue of RIDE Digital Text Collections (DTC), which is published as Issue 8 in the RIDE series. We have been working on this issue since last summer. After the initial major interest in reviewing DTCs which

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EDITORIAL: Reviewing Digital Text Collections

By Ulrike Henny-Krahmer (Universität Würzburg), ulrike.henny (at) and Frederike Neuber (University of Cologne), neuber (at) || 1We are pleased to present the sixth issue of the Review Journal for Digital Editions and Resources (RIDE), published by the IDE

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Published: Sep 2017