In addition to the aims of every review journal – evaluation and criticism by academic peers – RIDE aims to facilitate students and scholars in the field of Digital Humanities with empirical data regarding digital editions and related projects. To this end, we gather information about every reviewed project in a formal questionnaire and save the results in TEI encoded XML files. This data can be downloaded below and used to gain insight into, e.g., the development of digital editions or the use of certain features, for instance the employment of TEI, licenses, resolving mechanisms, etc. We’ve created a few charts from the data of the issues on scholarly editions and text collections published so far, but due to the small sample on which we can rely at the moment these should be taken with a pinch of salt.


The data can be downloaded individually for each project by downloading the XML file of the review (the download-link can be found in the sidebar of each review), the header of which contains all information gathered by our questionnaire.

For downloads of complete issues, please refer to our Git repository.



Published: Jan 2020