Dissemination & Discussion

RIDE has been presented on the following occasions:

  • Philipp Steinkrüger: “Evaluation von Nachhaltigkeit im Review Journal für Digitale Editionen RIDE“, panel contribution DHD 2017. 17th February 2017, Bern. Sildes.
  • Frederike Neuber: “Evaluationskriterien Digitaler Editionen”, teaching session at the Summer School Digitale Edition, Centre for Information Modelling — Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities at the University of Graz. 9th September 2016, Graz. Slides.
  • Patrick Sahle: “Evaluating Digital Editions”, lecture at the École nationale des chartes, 2nd May 2016, Paris. Abstract, Slides.
  • Markus Schnöpf: “Digitale Editionen – Mindestanforderung und Best Practice”, presentation at the conference Virtuelle Infrastrukturen für digitale Editionen. Entwicklungen, Perspektiven und Projekte, 12th November 2015, Gotha. Conference Report
  • Ulrike Henny: “Reviewing von digitalen Editionen”, presentation at the conference Digitale Metamorphose. Digital Humanities und Editionswissenschaft, 3rd November 2015, Wolfenbüttel. Programme, Slides.
  • Philipp Steinkrüger: “On the evaluation of digital editions”, presentation at the workshop Scholarship in Software – Software in Scholarship, 30th January 2015, Bern.
  • Franz Fischer: “Evaluating Digital Editions”, presentation at MMSDA/DiXiT Camp 1, 2nd May 2014, King’s College London. Schedule, Slides.


Published: Feb 2017

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