RIDE is published by the Institute for Documentology and Scholarly Editing (IDE). Issues published to date have been organised by:

Technical realization

The RIDE webpage is powered by Wordpress. All article related pages are generated by a series of scripts, which have been created by

Assistant Editors

  • Issue 2: Tessa Gengnagel, Markus Schnöpf
  • Issue 3: Tessa Gengnagel
  • Issue 4: Tessa Gengnagel

Editorial board

The editorial board is generally recruited from the members of the IDE. To date, the following members have served on the board:


RIDE is a peer-reviewed journal. We would like to thank numerous academics around the world for their valuable assessments and contributions. You can find a list of previous peer-reviewers here.


Should you notice any errors, please drop a note to the Managing Editor.


Published: Feb 2017