Writing and Submitting

Writing and Submitting the Review

RIDE aims at providing comprehensive information and critical assessments of the reviewed projects to its readers. To that end, we require the reviewers to appreciate and make extensive use of our catalogue of criteria for reviewing scholarly digital editions. Note that this catalogue is meant to remind the reviewer of issues that are crucial for the evaluation of digital editions but not as a mandatory list of subjects each of which has to be addressed by the reviewer.

Information regarding the formatting, bibliography, file format, etc. can be found in the guidelines.

You can submit your review by email to the Managing Editor. In addition to the review itself, we require all reviewers to fill out a substantial questionnaire (opens in new window). This can be done before or after submitting the review; however, we suggest to do so before submitting. The data entered in the questionnaire will be used for two purposes: 1) General information regarding the reviewed project as well as the reviewer will be used to generate the header of the written review; 2) the specific information regarding the reviewed project will be used to gain statistical insights into the sphere of digital editions. The written review and the questionnaire will be merged into a single XML file publicly available for download.

Review submission checklist

  1. Make sure your review complies with the guidelines.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire.
  3. Create (if possible) an archive.org snapshot of each webpage you link in your review with the ‘Save Page Now’ service.
  4. Come up with a number of keywords that describe what aspects of the reviewed project you deal with in particular. These keywords will be used to tag your review.
  5. Email your review along with the keywords to the Managing Editor.
  6. Have a beer. (It’s on us! Remind us in case we should ever meet 😉 )


Published: Nov 2015

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